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Our product

The garage door you desire and which you dream of, is a SESAME door.
We assemble elegant automatic sectional doors to save space or for your comfort. Our doors are integrated into the architecture of your house, combining comfort, economies, aesthetics, simplicity and security. Different types of panels, a range of colors, a wide variety of supplies allow you to find your happiness in SESAME.
SESAME has close ties to the world of the door for many years, enabling us to offer you the best SESAME product at the best price.

Our belgian tailormade fabrication

Our main partners are located within 20 km from our headquarters, allowing us to ensure EU and Belgian production.
This also provides the advantage that we can respond quickly when a problem occurs with your port.
This proximity and our own assembly allows us to ensure the quality and tailor-made work!

Our 20-years experience

If your door is bent, curved or straight, there is always a solution to put a SESAME door. Since 1990, first situated on Frasnes then Tournai, SESAME is installed in Leuze-en-Hainaut in 2004. Since, infrastructure continues to grow and we have one of the largest showrooms solely dedicated to the garage door. You'll find our entire range but it will also allow us to explain your project.

Our quality

SESAME, stands for quality: the quality of our products, our willingness to listen, the quality of our after-sales service, the quality of our technicians, our suppliers.
SESAME: a quality product at the best price.
We choose the best supplier for you, we offer after-sales service for a long life to your port.
We offer high performance, in particular the high standard materials we use. The panels have a thickness of 42 mm over the entire panel. This provides stability, strength, durability and ensures a high resistance.

Our department "after-sales"

We repair other brands and maintain the brand SESAME. Your garage door is a mechanical element that needs technical monitoring to be adapted in accordance to your use, we're here ensure the longevity of your door.

Our guarantee of satisfaction

We warrant our doors and engines for a period of 10 years* and 5 years . Feel free to read our conditions for details of our guarantees. (*: According to the conditions set by our suppliers)

Our know-how!

Use our know-how!

A SESAME sectional door is ideal for renovation or new construction.
The door fits all garages and does not clutter the interior. All our models are tailored. For each style, for every purpose, every house, there is a door and a specific range SESAME.
SESAME is the experience of dealing with a sales and technical team at the forefront of developments in the area of the sectional door.
We use the expertise of the largest companies in the field. Also, we regularly scoop the first developments in the Belgian and European level through strong partnerships with our presence and our suppliers.