Sesame garagedoors - Area film

Area film

What is it?

Area film : What is it?

Wooden- and colorfilms let you customize houses and facades. Only a perfect match between form, color and material can bring harmony and aesthetics to a facade. With the variety of combinations of wood and color film, each building is now unique.

Plaxés steel panels provide visual the warmth of wood while having all the modern features of PVC: resistance, colorfast, absence of maintenance and optimum insulation properties (thermal and acoustic). In addition, unlike wood painted or varnished, they are recyclable! The films are resistant to humidity, drought, heat and cold, as well as UV radiation, which makes them ideal products for extreme climates. In addition, the product provides color stability and gloss over its lifetime. The film is protected against dirt and is easy to clean. The film is chemical resistant and wipes clean with conventional cleaners and special cleaning agents. Graffiti is easily removed.

Golden Oak aspect

Area film : Golden Oak aspect

A golden or luxury oak look, a light oak appearance of great elegance and modernism.

Sesame garagedoors, Area film Golden Oak aspect

Cherrywood aspect

Area film : Cherrywood aspect

A cherrywood look, slightly orange.

Aspect dark oak

Area film : Aspect dark oak

A dark oak look, a great classic chestnut oak look.

Sesame garagedoors, Area film Aspect dark oak

Walnut/hazel look

Area film : Walnut/hazel look

Look of walnut or hazel depending on the appellation, with a vein of very dark brown grain, very fashionable.

Mahogany look

Area film : Mahogany look

A mahogany look, which will adapt easily with your cherrytree, the reddish tones emerge.

Sesame garagedoors, Area film Mahogany look

Appearance rustic oak

Area film : Appearance rustic oak

A rustic oak look, the darkest aspect, which will add character and the solid side of wood imitation.

Sesame garagedoors, Area film Appearance rustic oak

Charcoal grey appearance

Area film : Charcoal grey appearance

A gray, slightly lighter than the gray charcoal (RAL 7016) for those who want the benefits of a movie instead of a painting.

Sesame garagedoors, Area film Charcoal grey appearance

White oak look

Area film : White oak look

A white oak look, the appearance of painted white wood , the wood grain is slightly visible.

Sesame garagedoors, Area film White oak look