Personalisation XXL

Creations in your image

Industrial doors

& functionality

Stainless steel windows

Let light flood in and your imagination run free. With their stunning brushed stainless-steel finish, our windows will add a highly impressive finishing touch to your door, in addition to fulfilling a useful purpose.

PVC windows

Our PVC frames can be painted with the colour of your choice to match your door perfectly.

We bring your ideas to life

Simply using a logo or sketch, our craft team are able to reproduce decorative, personalised inserts, either of your own creation or selected from our catalogue of patterns. Our team then work with high quality brushed alunox metal. As well as the extra cachet this offers your door, it will also be unique.

Fitted closing mechanism

Narrow doorstep


Our security gates allow you to enter and leave your garage without having to open it. Each is fitted with an integrated door closer and a narrow doorstep. Furthermore, they have a built-in safety feature to prevent the garage door automatically opening when the security gate is not completely closed.

Other accessories

We make it possible for you to add a wide range of elements to your door, to perfectly suit your needs. From a ventilation grille to a letter box, you’ll find whatever you’re looking for among our huge range of accessories, which can be fitted to all our door types.

House number

Ventilation grille

Cat flap

Letter box


within easy reach

Sesame garage doors are fitted with motors built by Marantec, our motor partner. Fast and silent, our motors can be adapted to all types of electrical installations. Motors are chosen according to the function and size of your door as well as the intensity of use.

No more straining to open your garage door, with Sesame simply pressing a button is all it takes.

A transmitter for every need

Would you prefer to keep your remote control in your pocket? Or always within reach when you’re on the move? We have the transmitter for you. Our cigarette lighter radio transmitter will delight even the most forgetful. Its subtle and understated design will blend in perfectly against your car’s interior.

Our square-shaped, portable radio transmitters are fitted on the building interior. This accessory functions as an switch, enabling you to open and close your garage door without a remote control.

Portable transmitters

Our motors

  • MFZ Motor



What if there’s a power cut ?

The back-up battery ensures a continual power supply in the event of a power cut. The back-up battery can be added at any moment thanks to the very straightforward interlocking system, either by fitting it to the operator directly or by placing it in a small aluminium case. There is a continuous LED battery level display. The accumulator will also warn you when the battery is nearly flat. An integrated electronic charging system allows you to avoid completely draining the battery as well as overcharging the accumulator, and thereby ensures a longer lifespan.

Motor battery

What if you don’t have an electrical system in your garage? An alternative solution is always possible thanks to our motor batteries. They can run for approximately 70 cycles.

Additional motor accessories

To complete our range of accessories and provide you with the ideal user experience, we offer the possibility of personalising the motorisation of your garage door down to the finest detail. You can, for instance, add extra LED lighting or even update an old model to be compatible with new Marantec technology.


Plug-ins offer additional functions. The beauty is that they are automatically detected and can be used immediately. You can also connect several plug-ins at the same time. Traffic management, former optical sensors or photoelectric cells are just a few of the options.

MAX light

This powerful, pivoting light source will offer you optimal visual comfort. It will complete your installation and guarantee reduced energy consumption. You can install up to two MAX lights per motor. It is equipped with a locking clip. Maximum power of 11W.

LED strip

The automated Marantec garage fittings include LED lighting as standard. If, however, this is not quite enough, you can add extra LED plug-ins, at any point and very simply. Depending on the operator type, the obtained lighting yield is comparable with a classic 80W or 160W bulb.

Universal receiver

Our universal receivers can be used in addition to previously installed equipment on all Marantec drive systems, as well as those of other manufacturers. This universal receiver also enables control of former fittings meaning that all devices can be connected to the same portable transmitter.

Integrated outdoor lighting

We offer our customers a wide range of low-energy outdoor lights. Embedded into your brickwork, they will blend seamlessly into your architecture and give your home added cachet.



Sesame garage doors comply with European regulation EN 13241. They therefore guarantee maximum operational safety. Our doors are also secured against intrusion, either through the use of a digital key panel or digital recognition. Our hardware system is fitted with torsion springs and a built-in back-up system in the event of cable breakage.

Our overhead sectional doors offer an even greater level of protection. Their solidity provides an additional safeguard against any intruders.

This box enables you to open and close your door with the use of a code. Metallic structure, fitted with sturdy buttons and a light above the keypad. Keypad designed for semi-industrial use.


This box enables you to open and close your door with the use of a code. Metallic structure, fitted with sturdy buttons and a light above the keypad. Keypad designed for semi-industrial use.

tailored to your needs

The photoelectric cell offers an additional safety feature for industrial doors. With a depth of just 19mm, it can be directly raised on the door track alone. This means it gives optimal protection against collisions. If a vehicle is below the door as it closes, the sensor detects the presence of an obstacle, automatically stops and raises the door by 10cm. The LED fouling indicator is a key element of this device; it enables reliable functional control and emits signals when the light beam is in any way obscured.

Did I close the garage door properly ?

Do you sometimes get a little distracted? This is where the photoelectric cells prove extremely useful. If the cell does not detect any movement for a period of time of your choosing, your door will close automatically.

Anti-lift system

There is always a risk of intrusion. One of the most common techniques employed by burglars is to break into your garage by lifting the door. We offer SKG anti-intrusion kits which block the opening mechanism whenever the door is closed.

The signal lights attract your attention. The signal light flashes or becomes illuminated whenever the door or barrier arm starts moving. These lights are particularly economical given their use of LEDs.

Latches and locks

We provide a range of both manual and automatic options enabling you to lock your door. Meaning you can enjoy additional protection from unwanted intruders.

Key switch

This box enables you to open and close your door with the use of a key. This can be fitted onto the wall or into a recess within it.

Safety lock

An accessory enabling you to manually release your door from the outside. Essential for garages which can only be accessed via the garage door.

Automatic latch

Fitted to the rail, prevents the automatic opening of the door. Likely to require additional work to the door jamb.

Manual latch

Fitted on the interior of your door, this manual lock will ensure additional protection against break-ins.

Manual lock

Available in black or grey, this manual lock is integrated into your door.


Sesame produces door kits in standard sizes, which bring a level of quality that will delight customers aiming to achieve an element of renovation at an extremely low price. In certain situations, such as a box garage adjacent to a house, it isn’t necessary for sectional door panels to offer an exceptional insulation coefficient. This is why we work with thinner panels, measuring 20mm in thickness. As the related manufacturing costs are lower, you’re the one who’ll reap the rewards! Gone are the days of waking up the neighbours with steel sheet doors, forget rust and shutter doors with fiddly mechanisms or PVC panels damaged by UV rays !

Complete and ready for delivery, our kits will offer you all the comfort and security you are entitled to expect from a high-quality, thoughtfully manufactured product and all for a price which our competitors can only dream of !


And what if your garage were to disappear !

With the Linius de Renson range we can decorate your walls, garage doors, partitions... and instil them with the most on-trend, high-quality, contemporary design.

We can also create high-quality wood cladding, using varieties such as Red Cedar from the American forests, a type of wood offering the best natural resistance against poor weather conditions, moss and insects.