We are a Belgian manufacturer with great pride in our skills

For an example of a major strength, in comparison with our overseas competitors, look no further than proximity. Why? Because our doors are 100% machined at our production site in Leuze we therefore have complete quality control in terms of manufacturing, as there is no middle-man or overseas production site. For this reason, our production turnaround times are extremely short. Furthermore, when it comes to transporting our raw materials we take an environmentally friendly approach environment as our main suppliers are located within a 20km radius, enabling us to offer quality at a much more affordable price than our competitors. Our fitting and installation staff know the exact specifications of every one of our doors! Given the nature of our close-knit team, we are able to accommodate even the most exacting of demands from our private clients, architects and entrepreneurs and adapt to any situation.

True made to measure products in true “dimensions”.

In other words, we are an industrial company offering the same flexibility and working to the same philosophy as a seasoned craftsperson. Curious? Don’t delay! In addition to a warm welcome at our Showroom, our company is happy to invite you behind the scenes at our workshops and share the passion which has driven us for over 25 years.

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Choose from a range of "NO LIMIT” coatings and finishes

As you can see, you’ve come to the right place, the possibilities we offer are endless.

Economical and insulating

Sesame garage doors are manufactured with the use of galvanised steel sheets which are injected with a CFC-free, high-density polyurethane foam.

The addition of this PU foam considerably increases the thermal insulation of your garage. This process is extremely efficient and will help you make considerable savings.

We offer 3 levels of thickness. 20 mm - 45 mm - 60 mm. For example, with a 60mm thick "Technology Sandwich” sheet, we would achieve a thermal resistance coefficient of 1.5 W/m²K. Secure and permanently elastic sealing along the lintel, the lateral frame and doorstep ensure your garage remains watertight.

Performance :



Our doors are fitted with motors built by Marantec®, our German motor partner and leader in innovation and reliability. Fast and silent, our motors can be adapted to all types of electrical installations. Motors are chosen according to the function and size of your door and the intensity of use.

No more straining to open your garage door, with Sesame simply pressing a button is all it takes. Our two-way portable transmitters feature new bi-linked function enabling information to be received on the current position of the door.

If your garage door does not have an electricity supply, Sesame garage doors offer the ingenious solution of rechargeable battery-powered motors.

For garages large enough to house several cars, you can use several remote controls or install a digicode. And if you own more than one garage or an electronic gate, we can help set them up to work with one single remote control. No matter what you desire, you will always find a suitable solution with Sesame garage doors.

The Sesame garage door helps you to save space and, in addition to the insulation it offers, it is recommended for its ease of use. We can also offer a large range of added extras such as lighting, a cat flap or letter box...


Sesame garage doors comply with European regulation EN 13241.

They therefore guarantee maximum operational safety.

Our doors are also secured against intrusion, either by using a digital key code or digital recognition.

Our hardware system is fitted with torsion springs and a built-in back-up system in the event of cable breakage.

What's more, our company can provide a wide array of additional features to increase the security level even further. Simply consult our Safety section in our Sensation Doors section.

Maintenance & After Sales Service

Above all else, your garage door is a mechanical element which requires technical check-ups depending on your use, we are there to ensure the maintenance and longevity of your door.

We offer several maintenance service packages to best suit your needs. And if you also own another door produced by a third-party company, our technicians would be happy to assist with any repairs.


We offer a 10* and 5*-year guarantees on our doors and motors respectively.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for any further information regarding guarantees. (*: In accordance with the conditions detailed by our suppliers). Our satisfaction is your satisfaction.

By taking out a maintenance contract, we can guarantee your Sesame doors for life !